Axis Bank revises FD interest rates: Check latest rates

Axis Bank has revised its interest rates for fixed deposits under Rs 2 crore, effective from September 20, 2022. The bank offers fixed deposit interest rates that vary from 2.75% to 5.75% for regular citizens. While the rate for senior persons ranges from 2.75 to 6.50%.

According to the Axis Bank website, the bank offers highest interest rate of 5.75% for maturities of 1 year, 11 days to 1 year, 25 days, and 5 years to 10 years.

The bank offers 2.75% for tenures of 7 days to 29 days and 3.25% for tenures of 30 days to less than 3 months. The interest rate offered by Axis Bank is 4.65% for terms ranging 6 months to less than 9 months, and 3.75% for terms ranging 3 months to less than 6 months.

Furthermore, the rate is 4.75% for terms of nine months to less than a year. The rate for between one year and less than one year and 11 days is 5.45%. a rate of 5.60% for FDs with terms ranging from one year and twenty-five days and two years. On FDs with tenures of two years to less than five years, it gives a 5.70% rate.

Senior Citizen FD rates


How to book Axis Bank FD online?

Step 1: Login to Internet Banking and select the deposit option.

Step 2: Click on Create Fixed Deposit

Step 3: Fill in the required account and nominee details

Step 4: On confirmation, the selected amount will be debited from your Savings Account and your Fixed Deposit will be created instantly.

You will immediately receive an online receipt for the fixed deposit that was booked. The beginning deposit amount and the interest rate will be determined by the request date, or the day the savings account is debited.

Step 5: After one working day after deposit booking, you will be able to get the Fixed Deposit advise through Internet Banking.

If you have registered for e-statement, the fixed deposit advise will be mailed to your registered email address after creation. If you are not signed up for an electronic statement, physical documentation will be sent to your communication address.

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