Bank of Baroda positive pay rule for cheques effective from Aug 1: 4 ways to confirm positive pay cheques

From August 1, 2022, customers of Bank of Baroda must electronically verify vital information about cheques valued more than Rs 5 lakh to the bank for authentication before they can be paid out.

According to the bank website, “W.e.f. 01.08.2022, Positive Pay confirmation is proposed to be made mandatory for cheques issued for Rs.05.00 lacs & above. That means, cheques issued for these values shall be returned in the clearing/Intersol without payment, if positive pay confirmation is not provided on or after 01.08.2022.”

As per the official twitter account, “Committed to ensure the security of your banking. With Positive Pay System, we are here to protect you from cheque frauds. Cheques with over 5 lakh rupees are confirmed before clearing. So simply #BankSafe with BankofBaroda.”

These are the 6 mandatory inputs that have to be provided for this confirmation;

  • Cheque date
  • Payee name
  • Amount
  • Account number
  • Cheque number
  • Transaction code

How to confirm positive pay cheques through mobile banking

Customers have to enter their log in credentials > select option> Request Services> Positive Pay Confirmation > Select operative account > Enter Cheque number > response to the rest of the mandatory fields 1. Amount 2. Payee’s name and 3. Date 4. Transaction Code > Confirm>MPIN>SUBMIT.

How to confirm positive pay cheques through net banking

Customers have to enter their log in credentials > select option > Services > Cheque Book > Centralized Positive Pay Mechanism > response to the mandatory fields > 1. Select operative account > Cheque number 3. Amount 4. Payee’s name and 4. Date 5. Transaction Code > Confirm>Transaction Password >SUBMIT.

How to confirm positive pay cheques using SMS

Customers have to provide their positive confirmation on their issued cheques to the beneficiary through Virtual Mobile Number 8422009988. All the inputs must have spaces and Payee’s name in capital letters, without spaces.

How to confirm positive pay cheques by calling customer care

Customers can provide their Positive Pay confirmation through the following Toll Free numbers – 1800 258 4455 & 1800 102 4455 after the customer identification process.

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