Biden tested negative for Coronavirus but will continue to isolate – World Weekly News

The President was treated with Paxlovid early in his fight with Covid, and while the drug was credited with great success in suppression of the virus and prevention of severe cases and hospitalizations, a number of of Patients who took it, nevertheless, a positive result again a few days after last dose of five day routine.

Initial Clinical Studies found which is only about 1 percent up to 2 percent of treated with Paxlovid, which made from Pfizer, experienced symptoms again. Follow-up research of patients have found higher stakes, but still in single digits.

But some doctors and patients suggest that the rebound rate maybe even higher because of anecdotal experience and therefore of characteristics of highly contagious subvariants of Omicron in Circulation this summer. Among those who there was a case of rebound after taking Paxlovid, this is Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, chief medical adviser to the president and leading figure in response to the pandemic.

Aides said Mr. Biden sought to get out of isolation as well as back on road like an intermediate congress campaign begins to heat up. How result of his infection, he had to cancel the number of planned trips and limited his contacts with assistants, advisers and others at a time when he won several important victories, which he like promote.

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