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Jammu, Sept 21:GOC-in-C Northern Command, Lt Gen Upendra Dwivedi on Wednesday emphasised on the collective need to focus on the three pillars of physical, mental and spiritual health to ensure koon assured Wellness of our Present and Future generations “Current era being characterised by the negative influence of the Social Media on children the critical need for ensuring positive parenting.” highlighted GOC-in-C Northern Command, Lt Gen Dwivedi at inaugural ceremony of 3- day Command Augmented Wellness Support Seminar -2022 organized by the Army Wives Welfare Assosiationin (AWWA) Nagrota.
He also spoke of the need for empowering the our Ex Servicemen Men by preparing them for a second career.
Sharing further details PRO DEfence Jammu Lt Col Devender Anand said, “The purpose of the seminar is to discuss various aspects which contribute to the Wellness of the soldiers including their families.
“Inauguration of the Seminar was marked by lighting of the Traditional Lamp by Mrs Sunita Dwivedi, Regional President AWWA , Northern Command and Mrs Barinderjit Singh , Zonal President AWWA White Knight Corps.”
“On the First day of the seminar the factors causing stress on an individual which include occupational and socio economic factors were discussed.”
Panellist for this discussion included Scientists from DRDO Dr Narender Pal Singh, Dr Sandhya Verma and Brigadier AK Pandey. Maj Gen DP Vishwasrao moderated the discussion.
This was followed by a session on how Wellness acts as a Force Multiplier for the Armed Forces, considering the fact that the man behind the machine is paramount in the armed forces and as “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”.
The need to holistically address this critical aspect of Wellness in a comprehensive manner to facilitate in achieving optimum potential of individual and organisation as a whole was focused upon.
The audience was made aware of many ancient Indian scripts have already dealt with wellbeing of individuals with Bhagvad Gita being concerned as an encyclopaedia which lays down the foundation by highlighting various ways to maintain mental health and wellness. Furthermore, the launch of Ministry of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy) by Govt of India to promote country’s ancient and traditional wellness methods was discussed. Panellists for the session included Dr Sandhya Verma, Dr Nisha Khanna Psychological Counsellor and Brigadier VK Routela. Maj Gen Anand Saxena .
The highlight of the day was a Talk by the renowned Monk, Prabhu Gauranga Das from International Society for Krishna Consciousness. In his talk he gave out his formula to obtain freedom from Stress and Anxiety based on Vedic Knowledge i.e the ESCAPE formula where ‘E’ stands for expectations, ‘S’ stands for success based on how persistently one attempts to strive to the best of his ability, ‘C’ for Comparison which all of us are habitually engaged in doing all the time thus increases stress; ‘A’ stands for appreciation wherein he advised that one must learn to appreciate the joy of having family ties which is unique to India which has one of the lowest divorce rates as compared to Western Nations, ‘P’ stands for Principles to which we should firmly adhere in face of great temptations resultant of Anger , Lust, Love and Jealousy and ‘E’ stands for Endurance which one should display in the face of great travesty.
The first day of the seminar had a fruitful impact on all the attendees and it has benefitted them to the core. The seminar is an initiative by the Army Wives Welfare Association to also boost mental well being along with physical well being which is already in vogue.

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