Country battling ‘epidemic of unemployment’ but govt polishing image of ‘arrogant king’: Rahul Gandhi | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday took a swipe at the central government saying that it is spending billions to polish the image of an “arrogant king”, despite the “epidemic of unemployment” that the nation is experiencing with crores of families left without a stable source of income.
Gandhi claimed that the Congress had attempted to persuade the government to respond to public inquiries during the present Monsoon session of Parliament. However, everyone witnessed how the House was postponed and opposition MPs were suspended and detained for protesting.
“Yesterday when the discussion did take place, the government clearly said that ‘there is no problem like ‘mehngai’ (inflation)!” Gandhi said in a Facebook post in Hindi a day after the debate on price rise in the Lok Sabha.

He further attacked PM Modi saying, “The country is battling an epidemic of unemployment, crores of families are left with no means of stable income. But the government is spending billions of rupees just to polish the image of an ‘arrogant king’.”
In the long post addressed to the people of the country, the former Congress chief said, “Don’t consider yourself alone, the Congress is your voice, and you are Congress’ strength. We have to fight with every decree of the dictator, every attempt to suppress the voice of the people.”
“For you, the Congress party and myself have been fighting, and will continue to fight. You know very well which issues need to be discussed in the country today because every wrong policy of the government is affecting your life,” he said.
Gandhi said inflation and the “Gabbar Singh Tax” is a direct attack on the income of the common person.
Today’s reality is that the common person is struggling not just for his dreams but for his daily bread, he alleged.
“This government wants you to accept everything the dictator says without questioning. I assure you all, there is no need to be afraid of them and suffer dictatorship. They are cowards, afraid of your strength and unity and that is why they are constantly attacking it. If you face them unitedly, they will get scared,” Gandhi said.
“I promise you, we will neither be afraid nor let them scare you,” he added.
On Monday, Opposition members in the lower house blamed the BJP-led Central government’s policies for the price rise and accused it of ignoring the plight of common people, saying kitchens will soon “see a lockdown” if the Centre does not take corrective measures.
Replying to the debate on price rise on Monday, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had said India does not face any risk of either recession or stagflation as its macroeconomic fundamentals are “perfect”.
BJP leader and former minister of state for finance Jayant Sinha had asserted that there is no ‘mehngai’ (inflation) and the Opposition has been looking for it but is unable to find it.

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