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The Delhi government will soon provide a comprehensive training program for electric vehicle mechanics as part of creating ‘Green Jobs’ in the capital and with the aim of becoming India’s training hub for EV workforce. It has been reported that Delhi requires up to 500 mechanics every year and a lack of skilled EV mechanics has been identified. As EV popularity increases, it is important to have highly skilled technicians on board and address the demand for them.

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The EV mechanic training program will be offered as an integrated course for students of automobile engineering diploma at the Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University (DSEU). The government statement further said that every year, 100 students will be trained in basic and advanced EV mechanics. The students will also be provided with internship and apprenticeship opportunities after the program is successfully completed.
Further, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between DSEU, World Resources India (WRI) and Hero Electric Vehicles Ltd. The MoU states that DSEU will design the EV mechanic program’s course structure and curriculum. Hero Electric Vehicles Ltd will support DSEU in designing the study material and will provide students with practical training and internship opportunities.

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Vice chairperson, Dialogue and Development of Delhi, Jasmine Shah, said,”The collaboration formalised is a result of eight months of research and due diligence of the EV ecosystem by DDC Delhi and WRI India. The analysis identified the lack of highly skilled EV mechanics as a potential skill gap.”

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