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Feroz Khan was born to an Afghan father and a Persian mother and that gave him the features from the best of both worlds. The actor with his leather boots, hats and cigars in his movies revolutionised the style of the conventional hero of Bollywood with his swag and was also once called the ‘The Clint Eastwood of the East’. Feroz was known to make low-budget thrillers opposite starlets in the early 1960s and 1970s. He also appeared in an English-language movie ‘Tarzan Goes to India’ (1962) opposite Simi Garewal. His first big hit was with ‘Oonche Log’ (1965), followed by more small budget hit movies like ‘Samson’ (1964), ‘Arzoo’ (1965), ‘Khotey Sikkey’ (1974), ‘Pyasi Sham’ (1969), ‘Safar’ (1970) among others. Feroz Khan was tagged as a womaniser in his bachelorhood days but it all changed when he met his future wife Sundari whom he married in 1965 after dating for around five years. He has two children with Sundari: Laila & Fardeen Khan. Few years into marriage, Feroz started dating an air hostess named Jyotika Sabrina Dhanrajgir who hailed from a royal family. The affair ended his marriage with Sundari and eventually Jyotika also ended their relationship. Feroz Khan breathed his last on April 27, 2009, at his ranch in Bengaluru at 69 after a long fight against lung cancer. He wanted to remake ‘Qurbani’ with actor Saif Ali Khan and son Fardeen Khan in the lead, but passed away before completing his dream project.

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