How to choose the right credit card: Answer these 7 questions

Credit card issuers lure customers by offering a variety of joining benefits and co-branded deals. So, you need to be smart about which ones work best for you as your card usage should be aligned to your spending habit. Here’s a short quiz to help you figure out which card you should choose.

My monthly spending on credit cards is…

A Rs.5,000 – Rs.25,000

B Rs.25,000 -Rs.60,000

C Over Rs.60,000

I roll over my credit balance over several months…

A Frequently

B Sometimes

C Never

How would you rate your credit score?

A Poor

B Good

C Excellent

I drive my car every month for

A 100 -300 km

B 300 -1,000 km

C Over 1,000 km

I swipe my credit card the most for…

A Grocery

B Online shopping

C Dining or takeaway

I spend ____ every month on eating out

A Rs.500 – Rs.3,000

B Rs.3,000 – Rs.10,000

C Over Rs.10,000

My work or family requires me to travel…

A Once a year

B Once a quarter

C Once a month

Mostly As

Since your credit card usage is low or you seem to still be on the learning curve, opt for a card that has zero annual fee and low interest rate. Such a card will offer you an additional mode of payment, other than cash and UPI payments, while also helping you build your credit score. Instead of focusing on joining offers or a jumble of reward points, choose a card that offers cashback as reward. This will allow you to convert your accumulated points into cash, which you can use to pay off your credit card bill.

Mostly Bs

As you seem to be comfortable swiping your card, you could go for three of them. Of these, one should be a card that offers you a waiver on fuel surcharges or accelerated points on fuel usage. The other two can be singular or co-branded cards that offer you discounts on grocery shopping, online shopping or dining, depending on what you spend most on. Preferably, get one that doesn’t collect a redemption fee or have an expiry date for reward points.

Mostly Cs

Your credit card usage is frequent. So, you can even opt for a premium card that charges a joining or annual fee. This could be more beneficial as these cards offer accelerated reward points, such as 5 reward points on spending `100 rather than just 2 points offered by basic cards. They also offer you superior benefits like access to airport lounges, Priority Pass memberships, low foreign currency markup fee of only 2%, etc

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