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Tesla is one of the major electric car makers in the world. The Elon Musk-headed company manufactures and sells a variety of Tesla cars which are usually expensive. So, which one could be the most expensive of the lot then, you might want to ask. It is the Tesla Model S Plaid Model Excellence 24K. And by 24K here, we mean 24 carat gold. It is a car practically bedecked with 24 carat gold.
As some of you might have guessed, the company to build such a vehicle is none other than Russian luxury brand Caviar, known for launching highly expensive iPhone editions.
When we talk about this particular electric vehicle, it’s got double-electroplated 24-karat gold parts, and that gold is used lavishly in the radiator grille, side skirts, front and rear bumpers, brake discs, rear-view mirror and interior décor. The total cost of the car? About $300,000.
“We are confident that the synthesis of high technology and luxurious materials is exactly what you need. It’s not just a car. It is the quintessence of sophistication, luxury and self-confidence. Dare to walk such a beast along the main streets of the city? Be careful, you can dazzle those around you with your splendor.”, says Caviar on its website.
A select few in the world will “dare to walk such a beast” as they are the only ones who have that kind of money to spend on a Caviar luxury Tesla car.


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