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A new game named War Gods Zeus of Child was recently spotted on the Xbox Store by both PC and console players. The game was reportedly a ‘rip-off’ of Sony’s popular game God of War that features a similar-looking protagonist like Kratos that fights through an endless wave of enemies in a barebones arena. According to a report by Eurogamer, Microsoft has removed the God of War rip-off game from the Xbox Store.
As per the report, the game has been entirely deleted from the storefront and Microsoft has also declined to comment about the removal. War Gods Zeus of Child doesn’t offer different challenges like the original God of War game. The rip-off game has only one mission where players have to kill an infinite number of enemies in a single arena until players give up and abandon the game or Kratos meets his eventual demise at the hands of these monsters.

Other ‘rip-off’ games that are available on Xbox
According to a report by GamesRadar, developer Dolaka Ltd has not only made this God of War ‘rip-off’ game but has also developed similar ‘copycat’ games of other major titles. The studio has even released a game called ‘Dinasaur Falling Survival’ which is a rip-off of Mediatonic‘s hit title Fall Guys. This game makes players run through a series of obstacle courses with ‘whacky’ physics, the report suggests.
Meanwhile, the studio has also rolled out a Mario ripoff called ‘Classic Platformer Mariones’ and another game that looks like a combination of Devil May Cry and Superhot named ‘Shooter Garenattacks,’ the report claims.

The report also mentions that the original Fall Guys game is now available for players across PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Apart from that, the real God of War Ragnarok will arrive for PS4 and PS5 consoles on November 9, 2022.

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