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Microsoft is aiming to improve Android gaming on Windows 11. The tech giant has updated its blog post to announce the release of the latest preview build of the Android subsystem for the latest Windows OS. The new subsystem version 2206.40000.15.0, will not only add compatibility improvements for Android games but will also include some other quality of life improvements like — networking and windowing improvements, and reliability updates.
The new preview build is now available to all Windows Insider channels only in the US market. Microsoft has not shared any information about the availability of the new update for regular users. The company has also listed some known issues that might cause a problem running Android apps. Users can also file their feedback if they are having issues with Windows Subsystem for Android.
Known issues listed by Microsoft
As per the blog post, if users are facing network connectivity issues while running Android apps on VPN, they can disable Advanced Networking in the Windows Subsystem for the Android Settings app. Microsoft has also mentioned that some VPNs don’t support Advanced Networking.

Improvements in the new preview build
The company has added a new suite of shims that will allow testers to toggle in the Windows Subsystem for the Android Settings app. This new change is expected to improve experiences in several apps. Apart from that, the new build also adds gaming features like — compatibility for games with joysticks (mapped to WASD in keyboards), support for gamepads along with enabling arrow keys for aiming and sliding.
Moreover, the new build will also add improvements in — scrolling, networking, security and graphics. The minimum window size of Android apps will be set to 220dp in the default setting in the new build and will show a better dialog on detecting unsupported VPNs.

Furthermore, the new toggle will help testers to view/save diagnostic data in the Windows Subsystem for the Android Settings app. Lastly, the new build will also add some general reliability fixes like improvements to diagnostic sizes.
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