PM Narendra Modi’s Birthday: NOW send him birthday wishes DIRECTLY through family e-card, creative videos, and photos on Namo App

PM Narendra Modi Birthday: Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has turned 72 today. If you also want to celebrate PM’s birthday online and want to send him birthday wishes directly, then you can do with new features-uploaded Namo App. The users can now use special features like ‘Family e-card’, videos, virtual exhibitions and more to send birthday wishes to Prime Minister Narendara Modi instantly with a touch of creativity.

Namo App was launched in 2015 to get updates related to PM Narendara Modi and send him messages and emails directly. This is another step by PM to join with the people of India directly through digital channels.

Here are all the new features inlcuded through which you can send your greetings:-

Family E-card

If the entire family wants to send birthday wishes to their PM, the new feature allows a user to add their entire family in one greeting. Then under the tag of Family E-card, it will directly send to the PM. It helps to declutter tedious process of sending wishes one by one by compiling wishes in one bouquet of digital greeting. Besides, you can send wishes to PM on behalf of your parents, grandparents, neigbours, etc. who aren’t as much tech-savy as you are.

Virtual Exhibition

A virtual exhibition of PM Modi’s life has been hosted on the Namo App every year. This feature allows to see how he worked as chai seller in teenage, then joined Bharitya Janta Party, and becoming the Chief minister of Gujrat and finally to the Prime Minister of India.

Users will now be able to choose particular instances from PM Modi’s life that they identify with the most and produce a little movie conveying their thoughts and experiences this year. Any user would thereafter be able to make a personalised film that can be shared on every social media network.

Send recorded Video or Photo

Users have the facility this year to send birthday wishes by recording a video message or sending a photo directly to the PM.

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