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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is a US-based regulatory body that certifies devices with tech like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Manufacturers need FCC approval before selling such products in the country. Google has recently managed to make its FCC listings vague to hide the finer details of its upcoming projects from the public until their launch. According to a report by 9to5Google, the tech giant has listed a new “Wireless Device” on the FCC ahead of this fall’s Made by Google event. The report suggests that a new and mysterious Google device, G28DR has appeared before the FCC which might be a new product for the company’s Nest lineup.
As per the FCC listing, this new Google device is certified to use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which includes the 5 GHz bands of Wi-Fi 5 along with packing a 3.65V battery. However, the report mentioned that the “Wireless Device” didn’t have any other common connectivity options like NFC or UWB. Moreover, the device is chargeable by a standard USB connection.

The “wireless device”: What it could be
The report suggests that the product can be the already confirmed wired Nest Doorbell. However, the wired series usually expects higher voltage than 5V and the upcoming model doesn’t have a battery.
So, the upcoming product can be a new model in the Nest Cam series as they use a 3.65V battery backup. Google relaunched the Nest Cam series in 2021 which already includes several new products, the report states.
Other than that, the device might also be the successor of the flagship Nest Learning Thermostat which was launched five years ago. Furthermore, the report also mentions that the upcoming device can be a new Nest speaker, as smaller models like the original Google Home Mini have used a USB connection before. However, the FCC listing mentions that the device’s regulatory labels are likely to be on the “back,” while most Nest speakers place that info on the underside.

Lastly, the report concludes with the claim that the new product can also be something unexpected like Google’s Stadia Controller, which uses a similar combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and is equipped with a battery. More information will be available either when new details get leaked or if the company makes the announcement.
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