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Jaya Ahsan is one such actress who has been the epitome of beauty and grace. Even at 40, The Bangladeshi beauty has proved age is just a number. These days her Instagram timeline is flooded with bold and beautiful photos and we can just say “wow!” each time we see them. Staying in shape is a must in the showbiz world as competition is fierce here. We often see our favourite stars set a mark with their amazing body transformation through intense workout regimes. Their gym jams motivate the fans to care for their fitness. Jaya is no exception to this. Even in between her busy shooting schedules, the diva never misses her workout routines. Jaya Ahsan who has tried almost every kind of workout regimen—be it strength training to running–always returns to pilates, considering it a must-have in her workout routine. She has been a fitness enthusiast for a long. The seasoned actress has some golden rules which she follows with utmost discipline to ensure she doesn’t go off track. The 40-year-old hottie has danced her way into our hearts. With an amazing repertoire of films over three decades, she’s still hungry for challenging roles and can go to any extent to slip into her every onscreen character. The seasoned actress still manages to pack quite a punch with all these years of experience. If anyone can look like a diva at 50 it’s undoubtedly her. Her contemporary approach to life has been inspiring for women all over. The seasoned actress manages to find the time to look the way she does even in her busiest schedule. Her Instagram timeline, these days, is filled with some electrifying photos from bold photoshoots. Even at 40, she manages to make men go weak at their knees. She is also redefining society’s perception of women.

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