Shankar Sharma to decode how retail investors can navigate bear markets in webinar organised by Stocktwits

Millions of new investors have experienced the thrill of a bull market. But, markets don’t go straight up (even the best blue chip stocks), and investors now want to know how to navigate tricky bearish markets. This is where experience really matters.

With so much advice floating around, the need of the hour is a clear playbook that teaches India’s new (and even experienced) retail investors not only how to survive in the bear market, but also help them improve their knowledge and learn to take advantage of market cycles. In fact, we believe that investors should use these market cycles to sharpen their skills and prepare themselves for the next bull market.

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Stocktwits, a leading US-based social community of investors & traders that is now entering India, has organised a webinar which is set to be held on August 7, 2022 and targeted at reaching 50+ leading colleges in India, including IIMs, IITs, SRCC, ISB, St. Stephens, IIFT, and others. The webinar will also be open to other interested participants.
The event will be headlined by Shankar Sharma, Co-founder and Chief Global Strategist of First Global PMS. With 30+ years of market experience, he is a seasoned investor and a Dalal Street veteran frequently seen as a guest on ET Now and ET Markets. Shankar Sharma is among the first veteran seasoned investors to have a mass outreach to India’s latest batch of retail investors.

Stocktwits’core mission is to democratize investing knowledge and help retail investors sharpen their investing skills. Through this webinar, Shankar Sharma will share his thoughts on market cycles, including how bear markets work, while sharing specific lessons for retail investors, and detailing how he prepares his portfolio for the next bull run.

It is essential to help first-time investors understand the potential of a bear market and how they can transform its challenges into opportunities. There is no quick fix, and retail investors must focus on sharpening both their investing skills and their psychology to avoid panic-selling and herd mentality. Nowadays, there is no dearth of financial information being shared, but it is vital that one has the right knowledge to make informed decisions. This webinar will empower new investors to make the most out of the potential of the share market.

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