Somy Ali on Chandigarh University incident: The likelihood of the girls in the video taking self-destructive actions is very high, serious action must be taken – Times of India

The viral videos from the girl’s hostel bathroom at Chandigarh university have led to a huge outcry. One student has also been arrested for the same. Actress Somy Ali stated that many times girls send such compromising pictures because of pressure from their partners. According to news reports, the girl, who was arrested, was being blackmailed by two men into sending such videos of her peers.

“This is a common theme in which ex-husbands or boyfriends often do to control their intimate partners with threats of publishing or selling them if they try to leave an abusive relationship. It’s related to cybercrime which unfortunately Melania Trump was supposed to take action against,” she said.

The actress further added that there is news that the student who has been arrested has sent videos of other girls as well. Reacting to the same, she said, “In this situation, while it’s a norm from what I have witnessed with NMT, for a young girl to do this to other girls is appalling, to say the least. Once again this is what makes the internet and social media a scary place for many who are vulnerable. With NMT cases the culprits are held accountable and immediately arrested. I am hoping the same scenario would occur in this case too.”

She added, “This has to be deemed a serious crime because our culture, no matter how advanced and influenced by the west, is still very different and the likelihood of the girls in the video taking self-destructive actions is very high. There needs to be better security as well from the university’s perspective and they too should be held responsible for not taking precautionary measures. This isn’t a new ordeal and the university should have had the common sense to be prepared for something like this from a male student.”

Somy also expressed that there are worse incidents too that have taken place. “You will be shocked at what goes on when it comes to the dark web. You can buy young kids for sex trafficking, illegal weapons and anything one desires with all of it being unlawful and deplorable. The dark web won’t go away just like incidents such as these, thus, I can’t emphasise enough on schools and universities to take charge and set a precedent with consequences in this case so further incidents do not take place. If there is zero accountability, this will continue to take place. It’s nothing new for the victims NMT helps and we have to involve cyber crime officers to make sure the footage is wiped off from everywhere. Again, that’s not an easy task as it is highly profitable and people with no moral compass or ethics will keep trying to do this. Again, this girl needs to be put in prison without the ability to be set free on bail,” she concluded.

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