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Sony launched the PlayStation 5 in 2020 and since then the company has only added some minor chassis improvements to its latest console, let alone a major redesign. Earlier, rumours suggested that the PS5 will have a Pro or Slim version but Sony hasn’t announced any of them since the original console’s launch. Now, a report (by Insider Gaming) suggests that the Japanese tech company is planning to launch a new PS5 model with a detachable disc drive in September 2023. Tom Henderson, an industry insider, who also correctly predicted the arrival of the DualSense Edge controllers has also claimed that Sony is currently working on the new version of the console.

Sony’s new PS5 with detachable disc drive: Expected details
As per the report, Sony might either sell the disc drive bundled with the console or it may offer the detachable part separately. PS5 owners will be able to connect the disk drive with the console using a USB-C port at the back. The report didn’t mention if PlayStation 5 Digital Edition owners will be allowed to connect the disk drive through the front USB-C port.
Sony can add this functionality to the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition with a software update which might also help to increase the sales of this console as it will set the owners free from the digital-only ecosystem.

The company is expected to design a new body for the console called “Chassis D” which will likely run the same hardware as its predecessors. The detachable disk drive is also supposed to blend in with the overall look of the PS5 and won’t seem like an external device for the console. Also, the upcoming PS5 with a disk drive might eventually replace the Digital Edition which didn’t sell well for the company.

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