Twitter shocked as 7-year-old works as Zomato delivery boy in place of father

New Delhi: As soon as a Twitter named Rahul Mitra posted a video, it is gone viral on social media. The video is showing the 7-year-old boy doing his father’s job as the latter met an accident. The Twitter user was shocked to see the little boy at his doorstep when he had ordered from Zomato. (Also Read: Walmart lays off 200 corporate employees amid rising inflation)

“This 7-year boy is doing his father’s job as his father met with an accident the boy goes to school in the morning and after 6 he works as a delivery boy for @zomato  we need to motivate the energy of this boy and help his father to get into feet #zomato,” written in the viral tweet. (Also Read: Amazon fined for selling sub-standard pressure cookers from CCPA)

Though some users supported and praised the boy, a few called it illegal and violated of rules. One Twitter user replied, “Keeping emotions aside.  This is illegal..#zomato violation of rules ..he can’t drive a two-wheeler and also can’t be employed.”

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