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Earlier this month, Apple finally launched its much hyped iPhone 14 series of phones, including the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The Cupertino-based company has equipped the iPhone 14 range with a new feature called ‘Crash Detection‘. According to Apple, if the iPhone 14 detects a severe car crash, it can help connect you to emergency services and also notify your emergency contacts.
A YouTuber decided to test out this feature to see if it actually works like Apple claims it to. Take a look at the first-of-its-kind video below –

Does the iPhone 14 Pro Crash Detection Actually Work? – Car Accident Experiment

The channel named TechRax has uploaded a video on their YouTube channel showing a new iPhone being strapped to the headrest of the passenger seat of a 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis sedan, which is being controlled by a remote controller. The car was then crashed into a pile of old and wrecked vehicles.
The crash detection feature did not work instantaneously, which left the YouTuber surprised. However, around 10 seconds later, a notification popped up on the phone saying “It looks like you’ve been in a crash”.

Credits: TechRax/YouTube

When the iPhone detects a severe car crash, it will display an alert and will automatically initiate an emergency phone call after 20 seconds unless you cancel. If you are unresponsive, the iPhone will play an audio message for emergency services, which informs them that you’ve been in a severe crash and shares your latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates with them, with an approximate search radius
The YouTuber then goes on to test out the safety feature for the second time, and yet again, it successfully detects a crash, ready to initiate a call to emergency services. Apple says that Crash Detection is designed to detect ‘severe car crashes’ including front-impact, side-impact, and rear-end collisions, and rollovers—involving sedans, minivans, SUVs, pickup trucks, and other passenger cars.

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